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A 2D Rectangle defined by X and Y position, width and height.

Unity uses a number of 2D coordinate spaces, most of which define X as increasing to the right, and Y increasing upwards. The one exception is in the GUI and GUILayout classes, where Y increases downwards.

The following examples are illustrated in GUI space, where (0,0) represents the top-left corner and Y increases downwards.

Rectangles can be specified in two different ways. The first is with an x and y position and a width and height:

The other way is with the X and Y coordinates of each of its edges. These are called xMin, xMax, yMin and yMax:

Note that although x and y have the same values as xMin and yMin, they behave differently when you set them. Setting x or y changes the position of the rectangle, but preserves its size:

Setting any of xMin, xMax, yMin and yMax will resize the rectangle, but preserve the position of the opposite edge:

See Also: GUI Scripting Guide, Camera.rect, Camera.pixelRect.

Static Variables

zeroShorthand for writing new Rect(0,0,0,0).


centerВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
heightThe height of the rectangle, measured from the Y position.
maxВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
minВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
positionРазмер прямоугольника.
sizeРазмер прямоугольника.
widthThe width of the rectangle, measured from the X position.
xВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
xMaxВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
xMinВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
yВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
yMaxВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника
yMinВерхний левый угол (координаты точки) прямоугольника


RectСоздаёт новый прямоугольник

Public Functions

ContainsReturns true if the x and y components of point is a point inside this rectangle. If allowInverse is present and true, the width and height of the Rect are allowed to take negative values (ie, the min value is greater than the max), and the test will still work.
OverlapsReturns true if the other rectangle overlaps this one. If allowInverse is present and true, the widths and heights of the Rects are allowed to take negative values (ie, the min value is greater than the max), and the test will still work.
SetSet components of an existing Rect.
ToStringReturns a nicely formatted string for this Rect.

Static Functions

MinMaxRectCreates a rectangle from min/max coordinate values.
NormalizedToPointReturns a point inside a rectangle, given normalized coordinates.
PointToNormalizedReturns the normalized coordinates cooresponding the the point.


operator ==Возвращает истину, если прямоугольники одинаковые