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Describes the interface for the code coverage data exposed by mono.

Use one of the following methods to enable coverage:
1) Use the Command line argument -enableCodeCoverage.
2) Enable Code Coverage in General Preferences. Note that this does not take effect until you restart Unity.

Static Variables

enabledThis is a read only property that returns whether coverage is enabled.

Static Functions

GetSequencePointsForReturns the coverage sequence points for the method you specify. See CoveredSequencePoint for more information about the coverage data this method returns.
GetStatsForReturns the coverage summary for the specified method. See CoveredMethodStats for more information about the coverage statistics returned by this method.
GetStatsForAllCoveredMethodsReturns the coverage summary for all methods that have been called since either the Unity process was started or Coverage.ResetAll() has been called.
ResetAllResets all coverage data.
ResetForResets the coverage data for the specified method.