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Script interface for the ExternalForcesModule of a Particle System.


enabledSpecifies whether the ExternalForcesModule is enabled or disabled.
influenceCountThe number of Force Fields explicitly provided to the influencers list.
influenceFilterApply all Force Fields belonging to a matching Layer to this Particle System.
influenceMaskParticle System Force Field Components with a matching Layer affect this Particle System.
multiplierMultiplies the magnitude of external forces affecting the particles.
multiplierCurveMultiplies the magnitude of applied external forces.

Public Functions

AddInfluenceAdds a ParticleSystemForceField to the influencers list.
GetInfluenceGets the ParticleSystemForceField at the given index in the influencers list.
IsAffectedByDetermines whether any particles are inside the influence of a Force Field.
RemoveAllInfluencesRemoves every Force Field from the influencers list.
RemoveInfluenceRemoves the Force Field from the influencers list at the given index.
SetInfluenceAssigns the Force Field at the given index in the influencers list.