Version: 2019.3


struct in UnityEngine

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Data structure for cache. Please refer to See Also:Caching.AddCache for more information.


expirationDelayКоличество секунд, которые AssetBundle может оставаться неиспользованными в кэше, прежде чем он будет автоматически удалён.
indexReturns the index of the cache in the cache list.
maximumAvailableStorageSpaceAllows you to specify the total number of bytes that can be allocated for the cache.
pathReturns the path of the cache.
readOnlyReturns true if the cache is readonly.
readyReturns true if the cache is ready.
spaceFreeReturns the number of currently unused bytes in the cache.
spaceOccupiedReturns the used disk space in bytes.
validReturns true if the cache is valid.

Public Functions

ClearCacheRemoves all cached content in the cache that has been cached by the current application.