Version: 2022.1


The Type property defines whether a Sprite Atlas is a ‘Master’ or a ‘Variant’. Sprite Atlases are created as Master types by default. Set their Type to ‘Variant’ to create a Variant Atlas.

A Variant Atlas requires a Master type Sprite Atlas to be set in its Master Atlas property. The Variant Atlas receives a copy of the Master Atlas’s contents to use as its own. Refer to documentation on Variant Sprite Atlas for more details about how to create and use Variant Sprite Atlases.

当精灵图集类型 (Type) 设置为“Variant”时,将显示以下属性:

属性 描述
类型 Set the Atlas’s Type to Variant to reveal the following properties.
Master Atlas A Variant Atlas receives a copy of its Master Atlas’ contents to use as its own. Assign a Sprite Atlas to this property to make it the Master Atlas of the currently selected Variant Atlas. The Master Atlas cannot be a Variant Atlas itself.
Include in Build 选中此复选框可在当前构建中包含精灵图集。默认情况下会启用此选项。
Scale 设置变体精灵图集的缩放因子,范围介于 0.1 到 1 之间。变体图集纹理的大小是主图集纹理乘以 Scale 值的结果。默认和最大的 Scale 值为 1,这种情况下,变体图集纹理保持与其主图集的纹理相同。