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Preprocessor directives in HLSL
pragma directives in HLSL

include and include_with_pragmas directives in HLSL

In HLSL, #include directives are a type of preprocessor directive. They instruct the compiler to include the contents of one HLSL file inside another. The file that they include is called an include file.

In Unity, regular #include directives work the same as in standard HLSL. For more information on regular #include directives, see the HLSL documentation: include Directive.

Unity also provides an additional, Unity-specific #include_with_pragmas directive. The #include_with_pragmas directive works the same as a regular #include directive, but it also allows you to use #pragma directives in the include file. This means that the #include_with_pragmas directive allows you to share #pragma directives between multiple files.

Using the include_with_pragmas directive

Note: To use #include_with_pragmas directives, you must enable the Caching Shader Preprocessor.

This example demonstrates how to use the Unity-specific #include_with_pragmas directive to enable a common workflow improvement: the ability to toggle shader debugging on and off for multiple shaders, without needing to edit every shader source file every time.

The following line demonstrates the contents of the include file. It contains a single pragma directive that enables shader debugging:

// Comment out the following line to disable shader debugging
#pragma enable_d3d11_debug_symbols

In each shader that you want to debug, add an #include_with_pragmas directive that points to the include file. Put the directive near the other #pragma directives, like this:

// Example pragma directives
#pragma target 4.0
#pragma vertex vert
#pragma fragment frag

// Replace path-to-include-file with the path to the include file 
#include_with_pragmas "path-to-include-file"

// The rest of the HLSL code goes here

Now, when you want to toggle shader debugging on and off for all shaders that use the include file, you only need to change a single line in the include file. When Unity recompiles the shaders, it includes the amended line.

Preprocessor directives in HLSL
pragma directives in HLSL