Version: 2022.1
使用 CommandBuffer 来扩展内置渲染管线

Hardware requirements for the Built-in Render Pipeline


Win/Mac/Linux iOS/Android 游戏主机
延迟光照 SM3.0、GPU 支持 -
顶点光照渲染 -
实时阴影 GPU 支持 GPU 支持
固定函数着色器 -

Realtime Shadows

Realtime Shadows work on most PC, console & mobile platforms. On Windows (Direct3D), the GPU also needs to support shadow mapping features; most discrete GPUs support that since 2003 and most integrated GPUs support that since 2007. Technically, on Direct3D 10, the GPU should support D16/D24X8 or DF16/DF24 texture formats; and on OpenGL it should support the GL_ARB_depth_texture extension.

Mobile shadows (iOS/Android) require OpenGL ES 2.0 and GL_OES_depth_texture extension, or OpenGL ES 3.0. Most notably, the extension is not present on Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 based Android devices, so shadows do not work there.

Post-processing Effects



You can write programmable or fixed function shaders. Programmable shaders are supported everywhere, and default to Shader Model 2.0 (desktop) and OpenGL ES 2.0 (mobile). You can target higher shader models if you want to add more functionality. Fixed function is supported everywhere except consoles.

使用 CommandBuffer 来扩展内置渲染管线