Version: 2019.2


class in UnityEditor.IMGUI.Controls

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State used by the MultiColumnHeader.

This state object.


columnsThe array of column states used by the MultiColumnHeader class.
maximumNumberOfSortedColumnsThis property controls the maximum number of columns returned by the sortedColumns property.
sortedColumnIndexThis property holds the index to the primary sorted column.
sortedColumnsThe array of column indices for multiple column sorting.
visibleColumnsThis is the array of currently visible column indices.
widthOfAllVisibleColumnsReturns the sum of all the widths of the visible columns in the visibleColumns array.



Static Functions

CanOverwriteSerializedFieldsChecks if the source state can transfer its serialized data to the destination state.
OverwriteSerializedFieldsOverwrites the seralized fields from the source state to the destination state.