Version: 2020.1


매뉴얼로 전환
public string managedReferenceFullTypename ;


String corresponding to the value of the managed reference object (dynamic) full type string.

Contains a valid value when propertyType is SerializedPropertyType.ManagedReference. This property is Write Only (you cannot read from it).

The full type name string returned has the following format: "[assembly-name] [namespace.][parent-class-names][classname]" where:
- [assembly-name] is the name of the assembly that contains the target type
- [namespace.] is an optional (if empty) namespace followed by a '.'
- [parent-class-names] is a '/' separated list of optional parent class names (in the case of nested class definitions)
- [classname] is the actual dynamic type name of the managed object class.

'null' references return an empty type string.

See Also: propertyType, SerializedPropertyType.ManagedReference.