Version: 2020.1
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class in UnityEditor

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Common GUIStyles used for EditorGUI controls.

정적 변수

boldFontBold font.
boldLabelStyle for bold label.
centeredGreyMiniLabelStyle for label with small font which is centered and grey.
colorFieldStyle used for headings for Color fields.
foldoutStyle used for headings for EditorGUI.Foldout.
foldoutHeaderStyle used for headings for EditorGUILayout.BeginFoldoutHeaderGroup.
foldoutHeaderIconStyle used for icon for EditorGUILayout.BeginFoldoutHeaderGroup.
foldoutPreDropStyle used for headings for EditorGUI.Foldout.
helpBoxStyle used for background box for EditorGUI.HelpBox.
inspectorDefaultMarginsWrap content in a vertical group with this style to get the default margins used in the Inspector.
inspectorFullWidthMarginsWrap content in a vertical group with this style to get full width margins in the Inspector.
labelStyle used for the labelled on all EditorGUI overloads that take a prefix label.
largeLabelStyle for label with large font.
layerMaskFieldStyle used for headings for Layer masks.
linkLabelStyle used for links.
miniBoldFontMini Bold font.
miniBoldLabelStyle for mini bold label.
miniButtonStyle used for a standalone small button.
miniButtonLeftStyle used for the leftmost button in a horizontal button group.
miniButtonMidStyle used for the middle buttons in a horizontal group.
miniButtonRightStyle used for the rightmost button in a horizontal group.
miniFontMini font.
miniLabelStyle for label with small font.
miniPullDownStyle used for the drop-down controls.
miniTextFieldSmaller text field.
numberFieldStyle used for field editors for numbers.
objectFieldStyle used for headings for object fields.
objectFieldMiniThumbStyle used for object fields that have a thumbnail (e.g Textures).
objectFieldThumbStyle used for headings for the Select button in object fields.
popupStyle used for EditorGUI.Popup, EditorGUI.EnumPopup,.
radioButtonStyle used for a radio button.
standardFontStandard font.
textAreaStyle used for EditorGUI.TextArea.
textFieldStyle used for EditorGUI.TextField.
toggleStyle used for headings for EditorGUI.Toggle.
toggleGroupStyle used for headings for EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup.
toolbarToolbar background from top of windows.
toolbarButtonStyle for Button and Toggles in toolbars.
toolbarDropDownToolbar Dropdown.
toolbarPopupToolbar Popup.
toolbarSearchFieldToolbar search field.
toolbarTextFieldToolbar text field.
whiteBoldLabelStyle for white bold label.
whiteLabelStyle for white label.
whiteLargeLabelStyle for white large label.
whiteMiniLabelStyle for white mini label.
wordWrappedLabelStyle for word wrapped label.
wordWrappedMiniLabelStyle for word wrapped mini label.