Version: 2020.1


class in UnityEditor

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Lets you programmatically build players or AssetBundles which can be loaded from the web.

정적 변수

isBuildingPlayerIs a player currently being built?

정적 함수

BuildAssetBundleBuilds an asset bundle.
BuildAssetBundleExplicitAssetNamesBuilds an asset bundle, with custom names for the assets.
BuildAssetBundlesBuild all AssetBundles specified in the editor.
BuildPlayerBuilds a player.
GetBuildTargetNameGiven a BuildTarget will return the well known string representation for the build target platform.
GetCRCForAssetBundleExtract the crc checksum for the given AssetBundle.
GetHashForAssetBundleExtract the hash for the given AssetBundle.
GetPlaybackEngineDirectoryReturns the path of a player directory. For ex., Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer.In some cases the player directory path can be affected by BuildOptions.Development.
IsBuildTargetSupportedReturns true if the specified build target is currently available in the Editor.