Version: 2020.1
언어: 한국어
public static int maxUsedMemory ;


Sets the maximum amount of memory that Profiler uses for buffering data. This property is expressed in bytes.

When Profiler is enabled, it collects data continuously and either saves the data to a file or sends it to the Editor.

Depending on disk write speed or network bandwidth, Profiler may collect more data than it is able to write. If this happens, Profiler accumulates data in a ring buffer chain and stops collecting data when the total size of the buffer chain reaches the maxUsedMemory limit. Profiler data collection resumes when it is able to write data.

By default, maxUsedMemory is 128MB for Players and 512MB for the Editor. You can use the -profiler-maxusedmemory command line argument to set the maxUsedMemory parameter at startup. For example, -profiler-maxusedmemory 16777216,

See Also: Profiler.enabled.