public static Gyroscope gyro ;


Returns default gyroscope.

Use this to return the gyroscope details of your device. Ensure first that your device has a gyroscope. Use Input.gyro.enabled to check this.

Knowing the gyroscope details of a device enables you the ability to include features that need to know a device’s orientation. Common uses include changing camera angles or GameObject’s positions when a user rotates and moves their device.

//Attach this script to a GameObject in your Scene.
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class InputGyroExample : MonoBehaviour { Gyroscope m_Gyro;

void Start() { //Set up and enable the gyroscope (check your device has one) m_Gyro = Input.gyro; m_Gyro.enabled = true; }

//This is a legacy function, check out the UI section for other ways to create your UI void OnGUI() { //Output the rotation rate, attitude and the enabled state of the gyroscope as a Label GUI.Label(new Rect(500, 300, 200, 40), "Gyro rotation rate " + m_Gyro.rotationRate); GUI.Label(new Rect(500, 350, 200, 40), "Gyro attitude" + m_Gyro.attitude); GUI.Label(new Rect(500, 400, 200, 40), "Gyro enabled : " + m_Gyro.enabled); } }