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Allows to control the lightmapping job.

Before starting the job the bake settings can be set via LightmapEditorSettings.

See Also: LightmapEditorSettings.

정적 변수

bakedGIIs baked GI enabled?
bounceBoostBoost the albedo.
buildProgressReturns the current lightmapping build progress or 0 if Lightmapping.isRunning is false.
giWorkflowModeThe lightmap baking workflow mode used. Iterative mode is default, but you can switch to on demand mode which bakes only when the user presses the bake button.
indirectOutputScaleScale for indirect lighting.
isRunningReturns true when the bake job is running, false otherwise (Read Only).
lightingDataAssetThe lighting data asset used by the active Scene.
realtimeGIIs realtime GI enabled?

정적 함수

BakeStarts a synchronous bake job.
BakeAsyncStarts an asynchronous bake job.
BakeMultipleScenesBakes an array of Scenes.
BakeReflectionProbeStarts a synchronous bake job for the probe.
CancelCancels the currently running asynchronous bake job.
ClearDeletes all runtime data for the currently loaded Scenes.
ClearDiskCacheClears the cache used by lightmaps, reflection probes and default reflection.
ClearLightingDataAssetFor the currently loaded Scenes, this method deletes the Lighting Data Asset and any linked lightmaps and Reflection Probe assets.
ForceStopForce the Progressive Path Tracer to stop baking and use the computed results as they are.
GetTerrainGIChunksGet how many chunks the terrain is divided into for GI baking.
TetrahedralizeCalculates tetrahderons from positions using Delaunay Tetrahedralization.


bakeCompletedEvent which is called when bake job is completed. Only called in Lightmapping.GIWorkflowMode.OnDemand mode.
bakeStartedEvent which is called when a bake is started. Only called in Lightmapping.GIWorkflowMode.OnDemand mode.
lightingDataUpdatedEvent which is called when any lighting data is updated as part of the GI backing process.
startedDelegate which is called when bake job is started.


OnCompletedFunctionDelegate used by Lightmapping.completed callback.
OnStartedFunctionDelegate used by Lightmapping.started callback.