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Types of UnityGUI input and processing events.

Use this to tell which type of event has taken place in the GUI. Types of Events include mouse clicking, mouse dragging, button pressing, the mouse entering or exiting the window, and the scroll wheel as well as others mentioned below.

See Also: Event.type, Event, GUI Scripting Guide.

//Attach this script to a GameObject
//This script is a basic overview of some of the Event Types available. It outputs messages depending on the current Event Type.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { void OnGUI() { Event m_Event = Event.current;

if (m_Event.type == EventType.MouseDown) { Debug.Log("Mouse Down."); }

if (m_Event.type == EventType.MouseDrag) { Debug.Log("Mouse Dragged."); }

if (m_Event.type == EventType.MouseUp) { Debug.Log("Mouse Up."); } } }


MouseDownMouse button was pressed.
MouseUpMouse button was released.
MouseMoveMouse was moved (Editor views only).
MouseDragMouse was dragged.
KeyDownA keyboard key was pressed.
KeyUpA keyboard key was released.
ScrollWheelThe scroll wheel was moved.
RepaintA repaint event. One is sent every frame.
LayoutA layout event.
DragUpdatedEditor only: drag & drop operation updated.
DragPerformEditor only: drag & drop operation performed.
DragExitedEditor only: drag & drop operation exited.
Ignore Event should be ignored.
UsedAlready processed event.
ValidateCommandValidates a special command (e.g. copy & paste).
ExecuteCommandExecute a special command (eg. copy & paste).
ContextClickUser has right-clicked (or control-clicked on the mac).
MouseEnterWindowMouse entered a window (Editor views only).
MouseLeaveWindowMouse left a window (Editor views only).