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Editor utility functions.

정적 변수

scriptCompilationFailedTrue if there are any compilation error messages in the log.

정적 함수

ClearProgressBarRemoves progress bar.
CollectDeepHierarchyCollect all objects in the hierarchy rooted at each of the given objects.
CollectDependenciesCalculates and returns a list of all assets the assets listed in roots depend on.
CompressCubemapTextureCompress a cubemap texture.
CompressTextureCompress a texture.
CopySerializedCopy all settings of a Unity Object.
CopySerializedIfDifferentCopy all settings of a Unity Object to a second Object if they differ.
CopySerializedManagedFieldsOnlyCopies the serializable fields from one managed object to another.
CreateGameObjectWithHideFlagsCreates a game object with HideFlags and specified components.
DisplayCancelableProgressBarDisplays or updates a progress bar that has a cancel button.
DisplayDialogThis method displays a modal dialog.
DisplayDialogComplexDisplays a modal dialog with three buttons.
DisplayPopupMenuDisplays a popup menu.
DisplayProgressBarDisplays or updates a progress bar.
FocusProjectWindowBrings the project window to the front and focuses it.
FormatBytesReturns a text for a number of bytes.
GetObjectEnabledIs the object enabled (0 disabled, 1 enabled, -1 has no enabled button).
InstanceIDToObjectTranslates an instance ID to a reference to an object.
IsPersistentDetermines if an object is stored on disk.
NaturalCompareHuman-like sorting.
OpenFilePanelDisplays the "open file" dialog and returns the selected path name.
OpenFilePanelWithFiltersDisplays the "open file" dialog and returns the selected path name.
OpenFolderPanelDisplays the "open folder" dialog and returns the selected path name.
SaveFilePanelDisplays the "save file" dialog and returns the selected path name.
SaveFilePanelInProjectDisplays the "save file" dialog in the Assets folder of the project and returns the selected path name.
SaveFolderPanelDisplays the "save folder" dialog and returns the selected path name.
SetCameraAnimateMaterialsSets this camera to allow animation of materials in the Editor.
SetCameraAnimateMaterialsTimeSets the global time for this camera to use when rendering.
SetDirtyMarks target object as dirty. (Only suitable for non-scene objects).
SetObjectEnabledSet the enabled state of the object.
SetSelectedRenderStateSet the Scene View selected display mode for this Renderer.
UnloadUnusedAssetsImmediateUnloads assets that are not used.
UpdateGlobalShaderPropertiesUpdates the global shader properties to use when rendering.