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The emission shape.

This is used by the ShapeModule to determine how to sort the particles.


SphereEmit from a sphere.
HemisphereEmit from a half-sphere.
ConeEmit from the base of a cone.
BoxEmit from the volume of a box.
MeshEmit from a mesh.
ConeVolumeEmit from a cone.
CircleEmit from a circle.
SingleSidedEdgeEmit from an edge.
MeshRendererEmit from a mesh renderer.
SkinnedMeshRendererEmit from a skinned mesh renderer.
BoxShellEmit from the surface of a box.
BoxEdgeEmit from the edges of a box.
DonutEmit from a Donut.
RectangleEmit from a rectangle.
SpriteEmit from a sprite.
SpriteRendererEmit from a sprite renderer.