class in UnityEngine.UI

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A utility class that can aid in the generation of meshes for the UI.

This class implements IDisposable to aid with memory management.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { Mesh m;

void Start() { Color32 color32 =; using (var vh = new VertexHelper()) { vh.AddVert(new Vector3(0, 0), color32, new Vector2(0f, 0f)); vh.AddVert(new Vector3(0, 100), color32, new Vector2(0f, 1f)); vh.AddVert(new Vector3(100, 100), color32, new Vector2(1f, 1f)); vh.AddVert(new Vector3(100, 0), color32, new Vector2(1f, 0f));

vh.AddTriangle(0, 1, 2); vh.AddTriangle(2, 3, 0); vh.FillMesh(m); } } }


currentIndexCountGet the number of indices set on the VertexHelper.
currentVertCountCurrent number of vertices in the buffer.

Public 함수

AddTriangleAdd a triangle to the buffer.
AddUIVertexQuadAdd a quad to the stream.
AddUIVertexStreamAdd a stream of custom UIVertex and corresponding indices.
AddUIVertexTriangleStreamAdd a list of triangles to the stream.
AddVertAdd a single vertex to the stream.
ClearClear all vertices from the stream.
DisposeCleanup allocated memory.
FillMeshFill the given mesh with the stream data.
GetUIVertexStreamCreate a stream of UI vertex (in triangles) from the stream.
PopulateUIVertexFill a UIVertex with data from index i of the stream.
SetUIVertexSet a UIVertex at the given index.