class in UnityEngine.XR

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Contains all functionality related to a XR device.

정적 변수

fovZoomFactorZooms the XR projection.
isPresentSuccessfully detected a XR device in working order.
modelSpecific model of loaded XR device.
refreshRateRefresh rate of the display in Hertz.
trackingOriginModeReturns the devices TrackingOriginType.
userPresenceIndicates whether the user is present and interacting with the device.

정적 함수

DisableAutoXRCameraTrackingSets whether the camera passed in the first parameter is controlled implicitly by the XR Device
GetNativePtrThis method returns an IntPtr representing the native pointer to the XR device if one is available, otherwise the value will be IntPtr.Zero.
GetTrackingSpaceTypeReturns the device's current TrackingSpaceType. This value determines how the camera is positioned relative to its starting position. For more, see the section "Understanding the camera" in VROverview.
SetTrackingSpaceTypeSets the device's current TrackingSpaceType. Returns true on success. Returns false if the given TrackingSpaceType is not supported or the device fails to switch.


deviceLoadedSubscribe a delegate to this event to get notified when an XRDevice is successfully loaded.