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public static Matrix4x4 GetGPUProjectionMatrix (Matrix4x4 proj, bool renderIntoTexture);


projSource projection matrix.
renderIntoTextureWill this projection be used for rendering into a RenderTexture?

Valor de retorno

Matrix4x4 Adjusted projection matrix for the current graphics API.


Compute GPU projection matrix from camera's projection matrix.

In Unity, projection matrices follow OpenGL convention. However on some platforms they have to be transformed a bit to match the native API requirements. Use this function to calculate how the final projection matrix will be like. The value will match what comes as UNITY_MATRIX_P matrix in a shader.

The renderIntoTexture value should be set to true if you intend to render into a RenderTexture with this projection matrix. On some platforms it affects how the final matrix will look like.

See Also: Camera.projectionMatrix, Platform differences, Built-in shader variables.