Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEngine.Experimental.UIElements


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Base class for objects that can get the focus.

The focus is used to designate an element that will receive keyboard events.


canGrabFocusReturn true if the element can be focused.
focusControllerReturn the focus controller for this element.
focusIndexAn integer used to sort focusables in the focus ring. A negative value means that the element can not be focused.

Funciones Públicas

BlurTell the element to release the focus.
FocusAttempt to give the focus to this element.

Miembros heredados

Funciones Públicas

HandleEventHandle an event, most often by executing the callbacks associated with the event.
HasBubbleHandlersReturn true if event handlers for the event propagation bubble up phase have been attached on this object.
HasCaptureHandlersReturn true if event handlers for the event propagation capture phase have been attached on this object.
OnLostCaptureCalled when the element loses the capture. Will be removed in a future version.
RegisterCallbackAdd an event handler on the instance. If the handler has already been registered on the same phase (capture or bubbling), this will have no effect.
UnregisterCallbackRemove callback from the instance.