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An Input Field is not a visible UI control but rather a way to make the text of a Text Control editable.

A Text control with the editing caret added by an Input Field
A Text control with the editing caret added by an Input Field


Property: Function:
Text The Text control to be made editable by this Input Field.
Starting Value The initial text placed in the field before editing begins.
Character Limit The maximum number of characters that the user can type into the field.
Active Text Color The color of the editable text (which may be different from the color specified in the Text control).
Selection Color The background color of the selected portion of text.
Multi Line Should the field let the user insert line breaks with the enter/return key?
Interactable Will this component will accept input? See Interactable.
Transition Properties that determine the way the control responds visually to user actions. See Transition Options.
Navigation Properties that determine the sequence of controls. See Navigation Options.


The Input Field script can be added to any existing Text control object from the menu (Component > UI > Input Field). Having done this, you should also drag the object to the Input Field’s Text property to enable editing.

The Text property of the Text control itself will change as the user types and the value can be retrieved from a script after editing. Note that Rich Text is intentionally not supported for editable Text controls; the field will apply any Rich Text markup instantly when typed but the markup essentially “disappears” and there is no subsequent way to change or remove the styling.

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