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Navmesh Obstacle

Off-mesh links

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The walkable floor area of a scene will often be made up of a number of discontinuous sections. This might happen, say, when a room has a floor split into two levels but a designer may structure a navmesh like this simply for convenience while working. You can use Off-Mesh Links to connect separate sections of a navmesh. With the connections in place, an agent will be able to plot a path between sections via the links.


Property: Function:
Start The object at the start of the off-mesh link.
End The object at the end of the off-mesh link.
Cost Override If the value is positive then it will be used as the overall cost of traversing the path during a pathfinding calculation. Otherwise, the calculation will use the default cost per unit of the layer to which this game object belongs.
Bi-Directional If enabled, the link can be traversed in either direction. Otherwise, it can only be traversed from Start to End.
Activated Specifies if this link will used by the pathfinder (it will just be ignored if this is set to false).
Auto Update Positions Should the endpoints of the link update automatically when their Transforms move?
Navigation Layer The Navigation Layer to which this link belongs.


If the start or end transforms are unassigned, or if the position of either the start or end transforms is too far away from the NavMesh to find valid positions, the off-mesh links will not be generated. In this case, an error is displayed in the Console window.

Further details about the usage of off-mesh links are available on this page in the Navigation section of the manual.

Navmesh Obstacle