Version: 2019.4


public Sprite sprite

This is the sprite that is rendered for the Tile.

public Color color

This is the color that tints the sprite used for the Tile.

public Matrix4x4 transform

This is the transform matrix used to determine the final location of the Tile. Modify this to add rotations or scaling to the tile.

public GameObject gameobject

This is the GameObject that is instanced when the Tile is added to the Tilemap.

public TileFlags flags

These are the flags which controls the Tile’s behaviour. See TileFlags above for more details.

public Tile.ColliderType colliderType

This controls the collider shape generated by the Tile for an attached Tilemap Collider 2D component. See documentation on Tile.ColliderType for more details.

  • 2017–09–06 Page published