class in UnityEngine

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Class for generating random data.

정적 변수

insideUnitCircleReturns a random point inside a circle with radius 1 (Read Only).
insideUnitSphereReturns a random point inside a sphere with radius 1 (Read Only).
onUnitSphereReturns a random point on the surface of a sphere with radius 1 (Read Only).
rotationReturns a random rotation (Read Only).
rotationUniformReturns a random rotation with uniform distribution (Read Only).
stateGets/Sets the full internal state of the random number generator.
valueReturns a random number between 0.0 [inclusive] and 1.0 [inclusive] (Read Only).

정적 함수

ColorHSVGenerates a random color from HSV and alpha ranges.
InitStateInitializes the random number generator state with a seed.
RangeReturns a random float number between and min [inclusive] and max [inclusive] (Read Only).