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Helper interface for JNI interaction; signature creation and method lookups.

Note: Using raw JNI functions requires advanced knowledge of the Android Java Native Interface (JNI). Please take note.

정적 변수

debugSet debug to true to log calls through the AndroidJNIHelper.

정적 함수

ConvertFromJNIArrayCreates a managed array from a Java array.
ConvertToJNIArrayCreates a Java array from a managed array.
CreateJavaProxyCreates a java proxy object which connects to the supplied proxy implementation.
CreateJavaRunnableCreates a UnityJavaRunnable object (implements java.lang.Runnable).
CreateJNIArgArrayCreates the parameter array to be used as argument list when invoking Java code through CallMethod() in AndroidJNI.
DeleteJNIArgArrayDeletes any local jni references previously allocated by CreateJNIArgArray().
GetConstructorIDScans a particular Java class for a constructor method matching a signature.
GetFieldIDScans a particular Java class for a field matching a name and a signature.
GetMethodIDScans a particular Java class for a method matching a name and a signature.
GetSignatureCreates the JNI signature string for particular object type.