public void LogError (string tag, object message);
public void LogError (string tag, object message, Object context);


tagUsed to identify the source of a log message. It usually identifies the class where the log call occurs.
messageString or object to be converted to string representation for display.
contextObject to which the message applies.


A variant of Logger.Log that logs an error message.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class MyGameClass : MonoBehaviour { private static ILogger logger = Debug.unityLogger; private static string kTAG = "MyGameTag"; private Transform tr;

void MyGameMethod() { if (tr == null) { logger.LogError(kTAG, "memberVariable must be set to point to a Transform.", tr);

Debug.unityLogger.LogError(kTAG, "Failed! to set Transform", tr); } } }

Note that this pauses the editor when 'ErrorPause' is enabled.