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Samsung TV Input

The input mechanism is different depending on the model of TV.

Touch Remote -- Large clickable touchpad is the main input mechanism
Touch Remote – Large clickable touchpad is the main input mechanism
Air Remote -- Small clickable touchpad with gyro and arrow buttons
Air Remote – Small clickable touchpad with gyro and arrow buttons

-The 2015 Remote has no touchpad. It has airmouse capabilities as well as a d-pad

-The 2016 TV has an IR remote and supports gamepads

Detecting Remote Type

You can use SamsungTV.airMouseConnected to determine if you have an Air Remote or Touch Remote connected.

If an Air Remote is connected, you can use the Gyroscope data.

Input Modes

You select one of three input modes. Each input mode maps to the controller type.


SamsungTV.touchPadMode = SamsungTV.TouchPadMode.Dpad;

Touch Remote:

  • Swiping sends keyboard arrow key events.

Air Remote:

  • Physical up, down, left and right buttons around the touchpad send keyboard arrow key events.
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.RightArrow))
    // Right DPAD event

if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Return))
    // touchpad clicked


SamsungTV.touchPadMode = SamsungTV.TouchPadMode.Joystick;

Touch Remote and Air Remote:

  • Touchpad works like an analog joystick producing values from –1 to 1 on two axes.
  • Note that the touchpad is much smaller on the Air Remote and may make it difficult to get precise control.
  • For air mouse, you can alternatively use gyro data to get more precision.
// Set up axis Touchpad x in input manager as joystick 2 x axis.
Input.GetAxis ("Touchpad x");
// joystick 2 y axis
Input.GetAxis ("Touchpad y");

if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Return))
    // touchpad clicked


SamsungTV.touchPadMode = SamsungTV.TouchPadMode.Mouse;

Touch Remote:

  • Touchpad controls a mouse cursor like a laptop’s touchpad.

Air Remote:

  • Placing one finger on the touchpad activates air mouse mode. While in air mouse mode, the user can move the mouse cursor around the screen by physically pointing the remote.
// Sets the cursor image (cursor is a Texture2D)
Cursor.SetCursor (cursor, Vector2.zero, CursorMode.Auto); 

// Position of the mouse pointer
Vector3 pos = Input.mousePosition;

if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0))
    // touchpad clicked

Exiting a Game

If the user presses the RETURN / EXIT key, KeyCode.Escape button is pressed and can be caught by your game. If desired, the game can exit by calling Application.Quit().

A user can directly exit a game by long pressing on the RETURN / EXIT key of the remote. If this occurs, the OnApplicationQuit message is sent to user scripts.

Camera Gestures

Certain TV models have a camera which can detect hand positions. It is recommended to not use this input method since not all TV models support it.

SamsungTV.gestureMode can be set to one of the following:

SamsungTV.GestureMode.Off Camera data is ignored (default)
SamsungTV.GestureMode.Mouse One hand controls a mouse pointer. Grabbing clicks mouse 0.
SamsungTV.GestureMode.Joystick Two hands control two joystick axes.
- Joystick 2 Axis 2: hand 1 x axis
- Joystick 2 Axis 3: hand 1 y axis
- Joystick 2 Axis 4: hand 2 x axis
- Joystick 2 Axis 5: hand 2 y axis
Grabbing activates the following joystick buttons:
- Joystick 2 Button 0: hand 1 grab
- Joystick 2 Button 1: hand 2 grab
SamsungTV.gestureWorking Returns true if the camera currently sees at least 1 hand.

Gamepad Input

You can use gamepad input as you would on any other platform. Here is the mapping for Samsung TV:

Buttons (Key or Mouse Button) Axis (Joystick Axis)
joystick button 0 = A X axis = Left analog X
joystick button 1 = B Y axis = Left analog Y
joystick button 2 = X 3rd axis = LT (–1 to 1)
joystick button 3 = Y 4th axis = RT (–1 to 1)
joystick button 4 = LB 5th axis = Right analog X
joystick button 5 = RB 6th axis = Right analog Y
joystick button 6 = Back 7th axis = Dpad X
joystick button 7 = Start 8th axis = Dpad Y
joystick button 8 = Left analog press
joystick button 9 = Right analog press

Gamepad Mouse Mode

The gamepad can also be put into mouse pointer mode where the analog stick controls the mouse position and button 0 clicks the mouse 0.

SamsungTV.gamePadMode can be one of the following:

SamsungTV.GamePadMode.Default Standard joystick input
SamsungTV.GamePadMode.Mouse Mouse style input: gamepad analog stick controls a mouse cursor, button 0 clicks mouse 0.
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