Version: 2019.2
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AI Planner preview 


The AI Planner includes authoring tools and a system for automated decision-making.

Automated planners are useful for:
Directing agent behavior either in a cooperative, neutral, or adversarial capacity
Auto-generating storylines or as an online story manager
Validating game design mechanics
Assisting in creating tutorials
Automated testing

Start by defining a planning domain, composed of objects with which your agent may interact. Then, create definitions for what actions or decisions an agent may make. Once the planning problem is defined, the planner system will iteratively build a plan that converges to an optimal solution. Execute these plans by creating an agent script and game code to control your characters.

Version information

Experimental for Unity

These package versions are considered unstable for Unity version 2019.2:

Documentation location: Versions available: 0.1.1-preview 0.0.1-preview.7


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