Version: 2019.4



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A set of bit flags describing InputDevice characteristics.

The XR system combines the InputDeviceFlags members into the InputDevice.characteristics bitmask to describe the characteristics and capabilities of an input device. You can also pass a bitwise combination of flags from this enumeration to InputDevices.GetDevicesWithCharacteristics to get a list of devices with specific characteristics. For example, you could use the following to get the right-hand controller:

(InputDeviceFlags.HeldInHand & InputDeviceFlags.Right).


NoneA default value specifying no flags.
HeadMountedThe InputDevice is attached to the head.
CameraThe InputDevice has a camera and associated camera tracking information.
HeldInHandThe InputDevice is held in the user's hand. Typically, a tracked controller.
HandTrackingThe InputDevice provides hand tracking information via a Hand input feature.
EyeTrackingThe InputDevice provides eye tracking information via an Eyes input feature.
TrackedDeviceThe InputDevice provides 3DOF or 6DOF tracking data.
ControllerThe InputDevice is a game controller.
TrackingReferenceThe InputDevice is an unmoving reference object used to locate and track other objects in the world.
LeftThe InputDevice is associated with the left side of the user.
RightThe InputDevice is associated with the right side of the user.
Simulated6DOFThe InputDevice reports software approximated, positional data.