Version: 2021.2


class in UnityEditor

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Editor drag & drop operations.

정적 변수

activeControlIDGet or set ID of currently active drag and drop control.
objectReferencesReferences to objects being dragged.
pathsThe file names being dragged.
visualModeThe visual indication of the drag.

정적 함수

AcceptDragAccept a drag operation.
AddDropHandlerAllow override of the default behavior for the corresponding window. Multiple handlers can be registered on the same window. If a handler returns DragAndDropVisualMode.None the system will check the next handler. Any other results (DragAndDropVisualMode.Rejected or others DragAndDropVisualMode) means this handler has processed the drop event and no other handler will be called. The last handler is the default Unity handler.
GetGenericDataGet data associated with current drag and drop operation.
HasHandlerCheck if the handler is already registered for the destination window ID.
PrepareStartDragClears drag & drop data.
RemoveDropHandlerUnregister a specific Drop Handler from a Window Drop Target.
SetGenericDataSet data associated with current drag and drop operation.
StartDragStart a drag operation.


HierarchyDropHandlerHandler for the Hierarchy.
InspectorDropHandlerHandler for the Inspector.
ProjectBrowserDropHandlerHandler for the Project.
SceneDropHandlerHandler for the Scene.