Version: 2017.3


class in UnityEngine.Analytics

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Unity Analytics provides insight into your game users e.g. DAU, MAU.

Note: The documentation that follows is for usage of Unity Analytics with Unity 5.1 and above. To integrate Unity Analytics with earlier versions of Unity, refer to the documentation at

Specifically, out-of-the-box features include access to user engagement and retention data through Metric Monitor and Data Explorer. Segmentation of players across various user dimensions and characteristics is automatically applied, with more than 20 standard segments available without any additional instrumentation.

For more detail around features, refer to the Unity Analytics homepage at

정적 변수

deviceStatsEnabledControls whether the sending of device stats at runtime is enabled.
enabledControls whether the Analytics service is enabled at runtime.
limitUserTrackingControls whether to limit user tracking at runtime.

정적 함수

CustomEventCustom Events (optional).
FlushEventsAttempts to flush immediately all queued analytics events to the network and filesystem cache if possible (optional).
SetUserBirthYearUser Demographics (optional).
SetUserGenderUser Demographics (optional).
SetUserIdUser Demographics (optional).
TransactionTracking Monetization (optional).