Version: 2017.3



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Shader pass type for Unity's lighting pipeline.

This corresponds to "LightMode" tag in the shader pass, see Pass tags.


NormalRegular shader pass that does not interact with lighting.
VertexLegacy vertex-lit shader pass.
VertexLMLegacy vertex-lit shader pass, with mobile lightmaps.
ForwardBaseForward rendering base pass.
ForwardAddForward rendering additive pixel light pass.
LightPrePassBaseLegacy deferred lighting (light pre-pass) base pass.
LightPrePassFinalLegacy deferred lighting (light pre-pass) final pass.
ShadowCasterShadow caster & depth texure shader pass.
DeferredDeferred Shading shader pass.
MetaShader pass used to generate the albedo and emissive values used as input to lightmapping.
MotionVectorsMotion vector render pass.