Tilemap Collider 2D
Importing and preparing Sprites

Isometric Tilemaps

In addition to Hexagonal Tilemaps, Unity enables you to create Isometric Tilemaps. The isometric perspective displays all three X, Y, and Z axes, so you can add pseudo-depth and height to a Tilemap.

Isometric tilemaps are popular in strategy games, as the isometric perspective allows you to simulate 3D gameplay elements such as different elevations and line-of-sight. This lets players make tactical decisions regarding movement and positioning during gameplay.

Isometric Tilemap workflow

  1. Import and prepare Sprites for an Isometric Tilemap.
  2. Create an Isometric Tilemap.
  3. Create an Isometric Tile Palette.
  4. Set the Tilemap Renderer Mode and settings.
  5. Customize Scriptable Brushes to handle Z position changes.

  • Isometric Tilemaps added in 2018.3 NewIn20183
Tilemap Collider 2D
Importing and preparing Sprites