Graphics API support


To set DirectX11 as your default Graphics API in the Editor or Standalone Player, go to the Player settings (menu: Edit > Project Settings, then select the Player category) and navigate to the Other Settings panel. Disable the Auto Graphics API for Windows property, and choose DirectX11 from the list. For more details, see [Graphics API support](Graphics APIs).

Surface Shaders

Some parts of the Surface Shader compilation pipeline do not understand DX11-specific HLSL syntax, so if you’re using HLSL features like StructuredBuffers, RWTextures and other non-DX9 syntax, you need to wrap it into a DX11-only preprocessor macro. See documentation on Platform-specific differences for more information.

Tessellation & Geometry Shaders

Surface Shaders have support for simple tessellation and displacement. See documentation on Surface Shader Tessellation for more information.

When manually writing Shader programs, you can use the full set of DX11 Shader model 5.0 features, including Geometry, Hull and Domain Shaders.

Tessellation and geometry shaders are only supported by a subset of graphics APIs. This is controlled by the Shader Compilation Target level.

Compute Shaders

Compute Shaders run on the graphics card and can speed up rendering. See documentation on Compute Shaders for more information.

Graphics API support