Legacy Documentation: Version 5.5
Velocity Over Lifetime module
Limit Velocity Over Lifetime module

Noise module

Add turbulence to particle movement using this module.


Property Function
Separate Axes Control the strength and remapping independently on each axis.
Strength A curve that defines how strong the noise effect is on a particle over its lifetime.
Frequency Low values create soft, smooth noise, and high values create rapidly changing noise.
Scroll Speed Move the noise field over time to cause more unpredictable and erratic particle movement.
Damping When enabled, strength is proportional to frequency. Tying these values together means the noise field can be scaled while maintaining the same behaviour, but at a different size.
Octaves Specify how many layers of overlapping noise are combined to produce the final noise values. Using more layers gives richer, more interesting noise, but significantly adds to the performance cost.
Octave Multiplier For each additional noise layer, reduce the strength by this proportion.
Octave Scale For each additional noise layer, adjust the frequency by this multiplier.
Quality Lower quality settings reduce the performance cost significantly, but also affect how interesting the noise looks. Use the lowest quality that gives you the desired behavior for maximum performance.
Remap Remap the final noise values into a different range.
Remap Curve The curve that describes how the final noise values are transformed. For example, you could use this to pick out the lower ranges of the noise field and ignore the higher ranges by creating a curve that starts high and ends at zero.


Adding noise to your particles is a simple and effective way to create interesting patterns and effects. For example, imagine how embers from a fire move around, or how smoke swirls as it moves. Strong, high frequency noise could be used to simulate the fire embers, while soft, low frequency noise would be better suited to modeling a smoke effect.

For maximum control over the noise, you can enable the Separate Axes option. This allows you to control the strength and remapping on each axis independently.

Velocity Over Lifetime module
Limit Velocity Over Lifetime module