Legacy Documentation: Version 5.5
Bloom and Lens Flares

Bloom (Optimized)

Blooming is the optical effect where light from a bright source (such as a glint) appears to leak into surrounding objects. This image effect adds such a glow in a fast and optimized way. If you need more flexibility, try the more sophisticated Bloom effect instead.

This bloom effect works especially well with HDR enabled scenes.

Example of the bloom used in conjunction with HDR lighting


Property: Function:
Threshold Min RGB values that will start blooming.
Intensity Total bloom intensity.
Blur Size Bloom size (screen size dependent).
Resolution Internal bloom buffer size. The lower the faster the effect can execute.
Blur Iterations The amount of blur iterations when producing the soft glow. The smaller the faster the effect can execute.

As with the other image effects, you must have the Standard Assets Effects package installed before it becomes available.

Hardware Support

This effect should run on all hardware that Unity supports.

Bloom and Lens Flares