Legacy Documentation: Version 5.5
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Emission module

The properties in this module affect the rate and timing of particle emissions.


Property Function
Rate over Time The number of particles emitted per unit of time.
Rate over Distance The number of particles emitted per unit of distance moved.
Bursts Allows extra particles to be emitted at specified times.


The rate of emission can be constant or can vary over the lifetime of the system according to a curve. If Rate over Distance mode is active, a certain number of particles are released per unit of distance moved by the parent object. This is very useful for simulating particles that are actually created by the motion of the object (for example, dust from a car’s wheels on a dirt track). Note that Distance mode is only applied when Simulation Space is set to World in the Particle System section.

If Rate over Time is active then the desired number of particles are emitted each second regardless of how the parent object moves. Additionally, you can add bursts of extra particles that appear at specific times (for example, a steam train chimney that produces puffs of smoke).

Particle System Main module
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