class in UnityEngine

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Utility class for making new GUI controls.

Unless you are creating your own GUI controls from scratch, you should not use these functions.

정적 변수

hasModalWindowA global property, which is true if a ModalWindow is being displayed, false otherwise.
hotControlThe controlID of the current hot control.
keyboardControlThe controlID of the control that has keyboard focus.
systemCopyBufferGet access to the system-wide clipboard.

정적 함수

AlignRectToDeviceAlign a local space rectangle to the pixel grid.
ExitGUIPuts the GUI in a state that will prevent all subsequent immediate mode GUI functions from evaluating for the remainder of the GUI loop by throwing an ExitGUIException.
GetControlIDGet a unique ID for a control.
GetStateObjectGet a state object from a controlID.
GUIToScreenPointConvert a point from GUI position to screen space.
QueryStateObjectGet an existing state object from a controlID.
RotateAroundPivotHelper function to rotate the GUI around a point.
ScaleAroundPivotHelper function to scale the GUI around a point.
ScreenToGUIPointConvert a point from screen space to GUI position.
ScreenToGUIRectConvert a rect from screen space to GUI position.