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Graphics device API type.

Many different low-level graphics APIs can be used by Unity. If for some reason you need to know whether Direct3D 9 or 11 is being used, or OpenGL ES 2 or 3, you can use SystemInfo.graphicsDeviceType to check for that.

See Also: SystemInfo.graphicsDeviceType.


Direct3D11Direct3D 11 graphics API.
NullNo graphics API.
OpenGLES2OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics API.
OpenGLES3OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics API.
PlayStation4PlayStation 4 graphics API.
XboxOneXbox One graphics API using Direct3D 11.
MetaliOS Metal graphics API.
OpenGLCoreOpenGL (Core profile - GL3 or later) graphics API.
Direct3D12Direct3D 12 graphics API.
VulkanVulkan (EXPERIMENTAL).
SwitchNintendo Switch graphics API.
XboxOneD3D12Xbox One graphics API using Direct3D 12.