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Support for various Graphics.CopyTexture cases.

Most modern platforms and graphics APIs support quite flexible texture copy (e.g. copy from a RenderTexture into a Cubemap face). However some older systems might not support certain parts of texture copy functionality. This enum indicates support for this. Use SystemInfo.copyTextureSupport to check for support before calling Graphics.CopyTexture.

Direct3D11, DirectD12 and PS4 platforms generally support flexible texture copy (all CopyTextureSupport flags are set).

OpenGL supports flexible texture copy since OpenGL 4.3; OpenGL ES supports flexible texture copy since OpenGL ES 3.1 aep; on earlier versions there's no copy support right now (CopyTextureSupport.None).

Direct3D9 systems have somewhat limited texture copy support (can't copy 3D textures, and can't copy between textures and render textures).

Metal and WebGL currently do not have texture copy support (CopyTextureSupport.None).

See Also: Graphics.CopyTexture, SystemInfo.copyTextureSupport.


NoneNo support for Graphics.CopyTexture.
BasicBasic Graphics.CopyTexture support.
Copy3DSupport for Texture3D in Graphics.CopyTexture.
DifferentTypesSupport for Graphics.CopyTexture between different texture types.
TextureToRTSupport for Texture to RenderTexture copies in Graphics.CopyTexture.
RTToTextureSupport for RenderTexture to Texture copies in Graphics.CopyTexture.