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Describes the various version control states an asset can have.


NoneThe version control state is unknown.
LocalThe asset is not under version control.
SyncedThe asset is up to date.
OutOfSyncA newer version of the asset is available on the version control server.
MissingThe asset exists in version control but is missing on the local machine.
CheckedOutLocalThe asset has been checked out on the local machine.
CheckedOutRemoteThe asset has been checked out on a remote machine.
DeletedLocalThe asset has been deleted locally.
DeletedRemoteThe asset has been deleted on a remote machine.
AddedLocalThe asset was locally added to version control.
AddedRemoteRemotely this asset was added to version control.
ConflictedThere is a conflict with the asset that needs to be resolved.
LockedLocalThe asset is locked by the local machine.
LockedRemoteThe asset is locked by a remote machine.
UpdatingThe state of the asset is currently being queried from the version control server.
ReadOnlyThe asset is read only.
MetaFileThis instance of the class actaully refers to a .meta file.
MovedLocalThe asset has been moved locally.
MovedRemoteThe asset has been moved on a remote machine.