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public static void BeginDisabledGroup (bool disabled);


disabledBoolean specifying if the controls inside the group should be disabled.


Create a group of controls that can be disabled.

If disabled is true, the controls inside the group will be disabled. If false, the enabled/disabled state will not be changed.

Note: The use of DisabledScope is usually preferred over EditorGUI.BeginDisabledGroup()/EditorGUI.EndDisabledGroup(), as it provides a safer, scoped mechanism. Please refer to the DisabledScope documentation for more information.

using UnityEditor;

class ExampleClass { bool canJump = false; float jumpHeight = 0f;

void Example() { canJump = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("Can Jump", canJump);

// Disable the jumping height control if canJump is false: EditorGUI.BeginDisabledGroup(canJump == false); jumpHeight = EditorGUILayout.FloatField("Jump Height", jumpHeight); EditorGUI.EndDisabledGroup(); } }

The group cannot be used to enable controls that would otherwise be disabled to begin with. The groups can be nested and the controls within a child group will be disabled both if that child group is itself disabled or if a parent group is.