Version: 2022.3
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struct in UnityEngine.AI

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The NavMeshBuildSettings struct allows you to specify a collection of settings which describe the dimensions and limitations of a particular agent type.

You might want to define multiple NavMeshBuildSettings if your game involves characters with large differences in height, width or climbing ability.

You can also use this struct to control the precision and granularity of the build process, by setting the voxel and tile sizes. Some of the values are coupled, meaning there are constraints on the values based on other values. For example, it’s not valid for agentClimb to be larger than agentHeight. To help diagnose violations of these rules, a special method ValidationReport can be evaluated.


agentClimbThe maximum vertical step size an agent can take.
agentHeightThe height of the agent for baking in world units.
agentRadiusThe radius of the agent for baking in world units.
agentSlopeThe maximum slope angle which is walkable (angle in degrees).
agentTypeIDThe agent type ID the NavMesh will be baked for.
buildHeightMeshEnables the creation of additional data needed to determine the height at any position on the NavMesh more accurately.
debugOptions for collecting debug data during the build process.
ledgeDropHeightMaximum agent drop height.
maxJobWorkersThe maximum number of worker threads that the build process can utilize when building a NavMesh with these settings.
maxJumpAcrossDistanceMaximum agent jump distance.
minRegionAreaThe approximate minimum area of individual NavMesh regions.
overrideTileSizeEnables overriding the default tile size. See Also: tileSize.
overrideVoxelSizeEnables overriding the default voxel size. See Also: voxelSize.
tileSizeSets the tile size in voxel units.
voxelSizeSets the voxel size in world length units.

Public 함수

ValidationReportValidates the properties of NavMeshBuildSettings.