Version: 2017.3
public void SetInts (string name, params int[] values);
public void SetInts (int nameID, params int[] values);


name Array variable name in the shader code.
nameID Nombre del ID de la propiedad, utilice Shader.PropertyToID para obtenerla.
values Value array to set.


Set multiple consecutive integer parameters at once.

This function can be used to set int vector, int array or int vector array values. For example, int4 myArray[4] in the compute shader can be filled by passing 16 integers. See Compute Shaders for information on data layout rules and cross-platform compatibility.

Constant buffers are shared between all kernels in a single compute shader asset. Therefore this function affects all kernels in this ComputeShader.

See Also: SetFloat, SetFloats, SetInt, SetBool, SetBuffer, SetMatrix, SetMatrixArray, SetTexture, SetVector, SetVectorArray.