Version: 2022.1
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XR graphics
Stereo rendering

Universal Render Pipeline compatibility in XR

Support for XR features in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) varies by URP package version. This page details compatibility between XR features in Unity 2022.1 and the latest compatible URP version.

To determine which version of URP is compatible with your current Unity version, see the Requirements and compatibility page in the Universal Render Pipeline documentation.

Unity 2022.1 supports the following AR and VR features in the Universal Render Pipeline:

Feature Supported in XR
Post-processing effects: Bloom Yes
Post-processing effects: MotionBlur Yes
Post-processing effects: Lens Distortion No
Post-processing effects: Depth of Field Yes
Post-processing effects: ToneMapping Yes
Other post-processing effects (color adjustment, etc.) Yes
GI (Global Illumination) Yes
HDR rendering Yes
Physical Camera No
CopyColor / ColorDepth Yes
Multi Display No
Camera Stacking Yes
Cascaded Shadow Yes
sRGB Yes
Skybox Yes
Fog Yes
Billboard Yes
Shader Graph Yes (1)
Particles Yes
Terrain Yes
2D UI (Canvas Renderer, Text Mesh Pro) Yes
URP Debug (Scene View Mode, Frame Debug) Yes (2)

(1) Although Shader Graph shaders can run in XR, Shader Graph doesn’t currently support the XR utility feature to create SPI-compatible shader input textures. Unity will expand support for Shader Graph functionality in future releases.

(2) Unity supports frame debugging for mock HMDs. Currently, there is no support for Oculus.

To learn more about post-processing effects, see the Effect list page in the Universal Render Pipeline documentation.

XR graphics
Stereo rendering