Version: 2021.3
public static string TextArea (string text, params GUILayoutOption[] options);
public static string TextArea (string text, GUIStyle style, params GUILayoutOption[] options);


text 編集するテキスト
style オプションの GUIStyle
options 指定してレイアウトオプションを渡すときのレイアウトオプションのリスト。ここで設定したものは style によって設定された値を上書きします。
See Also: GUILayout.Width, GUILayout.Height, GUILayout.MinWidth, GUILayout.MaxWidth, GUILayout.MinHeight, GUILayout.MaxHeight, GUILayout.ExpandWidth, GUILayout.ExpandHeight.


string ユーザーによって入力されたテキスト



This works just like GUILayout.TextArea, but correctly responds to Select all, Copy, Paste etc. in the editor.

Quick script editor.

// Simple script that lets you visualize your scripts in an editor window
// This can be expanded to save your scripts also in the editor window.

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class TextAreaExample : EditorWindow { string text = "Nothing Opened..."; TextAsset txtAsset; Vector2 scroll;

[MenuItem("Examples/TextArea usage")] static void Init() { TextAreaExample window = (TextAreaExample)GetWindow(typeof(TextAreaExample), true, "EditorGUILayout.TextArea"); window.Show(); }

Object source;

void OnGUI() { source = EditorGUILayout.ObjectField(source, typeof(Object), true); TextAsset newTxtAsset = (TextAsset)source;

if (newTxtAsset != txtAsset) ReadTextAsset(newTxtAsset);

scroll = EditorGUILayout.BeginScrollView(scroll); text = EditorGUILayout.TextArea(text, GUILayout.Height(position.height - 30)); EditorGUILayout.EndScrollView(); }

void ReadTextAsset(TextAsset txt) { text = txt.text; txtAsset = txt; } }