Version: 2021.3
public static bool InspectorTitlebar (bool foldout, Object targetObj);
public static bool InspectorTitlebar (bool foldout, Object[] targetObjs);


foldout 矢印で示される折り畳みの状態
targetObj Titlebar のためのオブジェクト(たとえばコンポーネント) かオブジェクトたち


bool ユーザーによって設定された値


Inspector Window のような Titlebar を作成します。

Create a custom inspector that shows the X,Y,Z,W quaternion components on the rotation.

// Create a custom transform inspector that shows the X,Y,Z,W
// quaternion components instead of the rotation angles.

using UnityEditor; using UnityEngine;

public class InspectorTitlebarExample : EditorWindow { bool fold = true; Vector4 rotationComponents; Transform selectedTransform;

[MenuItem("Examples/Inspector Titlebar")] static void Init() { var window = GetWindow(typeof(InspectorTitlebarExample)); window.Show(); }

void OnGUI() { if (Selection.activeGameObject) { selectedTransform = Selection.activeGameObject.transform;

fold = EditorGUILayout.InspectorTitlebar(fold, selectedTransform); if (fold) { selectedTransform.position = EditorGUILayout.Vector3Field("Position", selectedTransform.position); EditorGUILayout.Space(); rotationComponents = EditorGUILayout.Vector4Field("Detailed Rotation", QuaternionToVector4(selectedTransform.localRotation)); EditorGUILayout.Space(); selectedTransform.localScale = EditorGUILayout.Vector3Field("Scale", selectedTransform.localScale); }

selectedTransform.localRotation = ConvertToQuaternion(rotationComponents); EditorGUILayout.Space(); } }

Quaternion ConvertToQuaternion(Vector4 v4) { return new Quaternion(v4.x, v4.y, v4.z, v4.w); }

Vector4 QuaternionToVector4(Quaternion q) { return new Vector4(q.x, q.y, q.z, q.w); }

void OnInspectorUpdate() { this.Repaint(); } }

The titlebar has an arrow for folding out, a help icon, and a settings menu that depends on the type of the object supplied.