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class in UnityEngine





在 C# 代码中表示纹理的类。


ImageConversion 类可为此类提供用于处理图像编码功能的扩展方法。有关这些方法的详细信息,请参阅 ImageConversion 文档。




alphaIsTransparency指示是否在启用 TextureImporter.alphaIsTransparency 的情况下导入此纹理。此设置仅在编辑器脚本中可用。请注意,更改此设置将不起作用;必须在 TextureImporter 中启用它。
calculatedMipmapLevel串流系统计算的 Mipmap 级别,其中考虑了串流摄像机以及包含此纹理的对象的位置。它不受 requestedMipmapLevel 或 minimumMipmapLevel 影响。
desiredMipmapLevel应用内存预算之前由串流系统加载的 Mipmap 级别。
loadedMipmapLevel串流系统当前加载的 Mipmap 级别。
loadingMipmapLevelMipmap 串流系统正在加载的 Mipmap 级别。
minimumMipmapLevel将 Mipmap 串流系统限制为此纹理的最低 Mip 级别。
requestedMipmapLevel要加载的 Mipmap 级别。
streamingMipmaps确定是否已为纹理启用 Mipmap 串流。
vtOnlyReturns true if the VTOnly checkbox was checked when the texture was imported; otherwise returns false. For additional information, see TextureImporter.vtOnly.




Apply实际应用任何先前的 SetPixel 和 SetPixels 更改。
ClearMinimumMipmapLevel重置 minimumMipmapLevel 字段。
ClearRequestedMipmapLevel重置 requestedMipmapLevel 字段。
CompressCompress texture at runtime to DXT/BCn or ETC formats.
GetPixel返回坐标 (x, y) 上的像素颜色。
GetPixelBilinear返回标准化坐标 (u, v) 处已过滤的像素颜色。
GetPixelDataGets raw data from a Texture for reading or writing.
GetPixelsRetrieves a copy of the the pixel color data for a given mip level. The colors are represented by Color structs.
GetPixels32Retrieves a copy of the pixel color data at a given mip level. The colors are represented by lower-precision Color32 structs.
IsRequestedMipmapLevelLoaded检查通过 requestedMipmapLevel 设置的 Mipmap 级别是否已完成加载。
ReadPixelsReads the pixels from the current render target (the screen, or a RenderTexture), and writes them to the texture.
ReinitializeReinitializes a Texture2D, making it possible for you to replace width, height, textureformat, and graphicsformat data for that texture. This action also clears the pixel data associated with the texture from the CPU and GPU. This function is very similar to the Texture constructor, except it works on a Texture object that already exists rather than creating a new one. It is not possible to reinitialize Crunched textures, so if you pass a Crunched texture to this method, it returns false. See texture formats for more information about compressed and crunched textures. Call Apply to upload the changed pixels to the graphics card. Texture.isReadable must be true.
SetPixel设置坐标 (x,y) 处的像素颜色。
UpdateExternalTexture更新 Unity 纹理以使用不同的原生纹理对象。


CreateExternalTextureCreates a Unity Texture out of an externally created native texture object.



allowThreadedTextureCreationAllow Unity internals to perform Texture creation on any thread (rather than the dedicated render thread).
currentTextureMemoryThe amount of memory that all Textures in the scene use.
desiredTextureMemoryThe total size of the Textures, in bytes, that Unity loads if there were no other constraints. Before Unity loads any Textures, it applies the memory budget which reduces the loaded Texture resolution if the Texture sizes exceed its value. The `desiredTextureMemory` value takes into account the mipmap levels that Unity has requested or that you have set manually. For example, if Unity does not load a Texture at full resolution because it is far away or its requested mipmap level is greater than 0, Unity reduces the `desiredTextureMemory` value to match the total memory needed. The `desiredTextureMemory` value can be greater than the `targetTextureMemory` value.
GenerateAllMipsCan be used with Texture constructors that take a mip count to indicate that all mips should be generated. The value of this field is -1.
nonStreamingTextureCountThe number of non-streaming Textures in the scene. This includes instances of Texture2D and CubeMap Textures. This does not include any other Texture types, or 2D and CubeMap Textures that Unity creates internally.
nonStreamingTextureMemoryThe amount of memory Unity allocates for non-streaming Textures in the scene. This only includes instances of Texture2D and CubeMap Textures. This does not include any other Texture types, or 2D and CubeMap Textures that Unity creates internally.
streamingMipmapUploadCountHow many times has a Texture been uploaded due to Texture mipmap streaming.
streamingRendererCountNumber of renderers registered with the Texture streaming system.
streamingTextureCountNumber of streaming Textures.
streamingTextureDiscardUnusedMipsThis property forces the streaming Texture system to discard all unused mipmaps instead of caching them until the Texture memory budget is exceeded. This is useful when you profile or write tests to keep a predictable set of Textures in memory.
streamingTextureForceLoadAllForce streaming Textures to load all mipmap levels.
streamingTextureLoadingCountNumber of streaming Textures with mipmaps currently loading.
streamingTexturePendingLoadCountNumber of streaming Textures with outstanding mipmaps to be loaded.
targetTextureMemoryThe total amount of Texture memory that Unity allocates to the Textures in the scene after it applies the memory budget and finishes loading Textures. `targetTextureMemory`also takes mipmap streaming settings into account. This value only includes instances of Texture2D and CubeMap Textures. This value does not include any other Texture types, or 2D and CubeMap Textures that Unity creates internally.
totalTextureMemoryThe total amount of Texture memory that Unity would use if it loads all Textures at mipmap level 0. This is a theoretical value that does not take into account any input from the streaming system or any other input, for example when you set the`Texture2D.requestedMipmapLevel` manually. To see a Texture memory value that takes inputs into account, use `desiredTextureMemory`. `totalTextureMemory` only includes instances of Texture2D and CubeMap Textures. This value does not include any other Texture types, or 2D and CubeMap Textures that Unity creates internally.


anisoLevelDefines the anisotropic filtering level of the Texture.
dimensionDimensionality (type) of the Texture (Read Only).
filterModeFiltering mode of the Texture.
graphicsFormatReturns the GraphicsFormat format or color format of a Texture object.
heightHeight of the Texture in pixels (Read Only).
isReadableWhether Unity stores an additional copy of this texture's pixel data in CPU-addressable memory.
mipMapBiasThe mipmap bias of the Texture.
mipmapCountHow many mipmap levels are in this Texture (Read Only).
updateCountThis counter is incremented when the Texture is updated.
widthWidth of the Texture in pixels (Read Only).
wrapModeU纹理 U 坐标换行模式。
wrapModeV纹理 V 坐标换行模式。
wrapModeW Texture3D 的纹理 W 坐标换行模式。


GetInstanceIDGets the instance ID of the object.
GetNativeTexturePtrRetrieve a native (underlying graphics API) pointer to the Texture resource.


Destroy移除 GameObject、组件或资源。
DestroyImmediate立即销毁对象 /obj/。强烈建议您改用 Destroy。
DontDestroyOnLoad在加载新的 Scene 时,请勿销毁 Object。
FindObjectOfType返回第一个类型为 type 的已加载的激活对象。
FindObjectsOfTypeGets a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
Instantiate克隆 original 对象并返回克隆对象。
SetStreamingTextureMaterialDebugPropertiesThis function sets mipmap streaming debug properties on any materials that use this Texture through the mipmap streaming system.


operator !=比较两个对象是否引用不同的对象。
operator ==比较两个对象引用,判断它们是否引用同一个对象。