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Debugging on a ChromeOS device
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Build for ChromeOS

This page contains instructions on how to build your Unity application for ChromeOS. ChromeOS supports the Google Play Store and Android applications which means, to build an application for ChromeOS, Unity actually builds an Android application.

Configure your project to build for ChromeOS

To configure your application to support ChromeOS devices:

  1. Select File > Build Settings.
  2. From the list of platforms in the Platform pane, select Android.
    Note: If Android is greyed out, set up your project for ChromeOS development.
  3. Click Player SettingsSettings that let you set various player-specific options for the final game built by Unity. More info
    See in Glossary
    . This opens the Project SettingsA broad collection of settings which allow you to configure how Physics, Audio, Networking, Graphics, Input and many other areas of your project behave. More info
    See in Glossary
    window in the Player tab.
  4. In the Settings for Android section, expand Other Settings.
  5. In the Target Architectures section, enable both the ARMv7 and ARM64 properties as well the x86 and x86–64 properties.
  6. By default, your application can run on ChromeOS devices and Android devices such as phones, tablets, and TVs. If you want to limit the devices that your application can run on, use the Target Devices setting. Phones, Tablets, and TV Devices Only limits your application to run on phones, tablets, and TV devices only. ChromeOS Devices Only limits your application to run on ChromeOS devices only and not all other Android devices.

Build the application

After you configure your project to build for ChromeOS, you can start the build process. The build process for ChromeOS is the same as the one for Android. The only difference is if you want to use the Build and Run option to immediately run the build on a ChromeOS device. On ChromeOS, you must use Android Debug Bridge to connect to the target device. For information on how to do this, refer to Android Debug Bridge for ChromeOS devices. To build your application for ChromeOS, follow the instructions for Building Apps for Android.

Debugging on a ChromeOS device
Dedicated Server